About us


Urban Male Network is a nationally recognized professional networking organization for young men who reside in urban areas.  Through mentorship, community development, and promotion of a positive urban male image, we seek to empower young men to become leaders in their community.  As a result we can change the landscape of communities by providing service and resources to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.  




Urban Male Network’s mission is to overcome barriers that inhibit success for minority men and to present positive male role models that have achieved personal, professional and academic success.

By providing service to the community through self-empowerment, community engagement and mentorship, we seek to redefine what it means to be an “urban” male.  

An urban male is not about being hood.  It is not about being a thug.  It is not about being poor.  Being an urban male is about being an upstanding citizen that contributes to positive change in their community.