Mentoring programs

Transformation Experience 

Urban Male Initiative (UMI) is a program designed as a mechanism to help increase the retention and graduation rates of urban male students.  As the title suggests, many of these young men live in tough urban areas where persist barriers exist and prevent academic success. There are two specific notions that are evident with the current male student population.


First, more than any other population, urban male students struggle with transition from high school into the college culture and their is a lack of role models and support networks.  Second, the lack of meaningful academic experiences and interactions with role models decreases their chances of academic success.  As such, the goals of UMI are to eliminate academic achievement barriers, and redefine positive role models to include men and women that have achieved professional and academic success.


Become A Mentor

Being a Mentor is one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do. Not to mention one of the most fulfilling. You have the opportunity to help shape a youth’s future for the better by empowering him or her to achieve. And the best part is, it’s actually a lot of fun. You and your Little can share the kinds of activities you already like to do.

Urban Male Network is always looking to expand our efforts to reach more youth. We need more volunteer mentors to make that happen.  

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UMN Leadership Academy 

The Transformation Experience is a 5 Saturday mentoring initiative that takes place in the summer. This program is focused on helping young men from underprivileged backgrounds gain access to different professional fields and experiences through planned activities, social bonding, and interaction with professionals in their work environment.

The program kicked-off in the summer of 2016 where 20 young men participated in cooking classes, art lessons, a visit to the architecture foundation, and a visit to different cultural neighborhoods around the city of Chicago. 


The Saturday Leadership Academy (SLA) will be a pilot program set to take place once a month. Young men between the ages of 14 and 18 years old will have the opportunity to participate in cultural enrichment activities. The Saturday academy will be centered on the three pillars of Mentorship, Education/Career Development, and Fun/Fitness. The pilot program will be for a target number of 10 -15 young men.


SLA will take place over a period of one to two hours on a Saturday to encompass our focused areas. Workshops and mentorship circles will be facilitated by young men from different professional backgrounds. Our goal is to provide the young men involved in the program with positive role models close in age and similar backgrounds.


The SLA is focused on providing young men of color the tools needed to be well-rounded and successful as emerging leaders. We will provide the young men with critical thinking skills, self-empowerment, and positive social interaction with other men. 


Urban Male Initiative