The Urban Male Network (UMN) is a network designed to be a support system for minority men that live in an urban area through service to the community, personal and professional development, and mentorship for youth. As such, the goals of UMN are to eliminate barriers to success for minority men, and redefine positive role models to include men that have achieved personal, professional, and academic success. UMN not only provides service to minority men but to the community as a whole.




Ladies of Virtue (LOV) is dedicated to improving the lives of young women, ages 10 to 18, in underserved communities. Like the butterfly, the journey begins with a commitment to the transformation process. Personal discovery, strength of character and a spirit of excellence must be present to soar. Those ladies will overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Ultimately, they will spread their wings ready to fulfill their destiny ahead. LOV is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.